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3D Components - Parametric Table based Generator

Realistic 3D component generator is the premium feature of the ZofzPCB 3D Gerber Viewer freemium software.

ZofzPCB 3D Components View


  1. including reasonable large base of components models, see the list
  2. adjustable parameters for some components, like height or LED dome size
  3. not found patterns will default to "extruded" box view
  4. you can test the software using the free license, before purchase
  5. for a 1 year License, licenses period will add, not overlap, if bought using the same email address, in period shorter then a year.


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Components Visualisation - One year license.


Components Visualisation - Perpetual License.

Includes STEP file Export feature Perpetual License PREORDER.1.


  1. PREORDER: 3D Mechanical Export feature is included for free at a later time as a bonus. Just one more transaction will allow me to buy ISO 10303-242 (Step AP242) documentation. Then, I hopefully will be able to specify the release date. Vote - buy the license!



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