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ZofzPCB 3D Gerbers and Drills View
ZofzPCB 3D Gerber Viewer

3D IPC-2581 Viewer

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ZofzPCB supports IPC-2581B

The format contains everything a Gerber File Set does, like images for all layers, drills, netlist, BOM. The information inside the IPC-2581 is strictly structured, normally there is no need to add anything, to fully and automatically define/understand the PCB and assembled components.

Thanks to included geometry data and netlist, ZofzPCB is able to create component models, right from the start.

IPC-2581 Test file displayed by ZofzPCB


Most of IPC-2581 files describe only logical stackup information. If mechanical (thickness) information is inadequate, it might be needed to edit the thickness column in the stackup. Note - when you specify the total board thickness, using the <Profile> layer thickness entry, all missing core layers will be created automatically.

IPC-2581 Test file stackup


We are using a GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) via Direct3D, to display the image. Drawn/painted layer contains many overlapped objects. Often a part of the PCB plane is cleared, and some other elements are drawn in the resulting hole, like a track in a plane. All this higher level construct must be converted to optimal positive mesh. The result is that even a complicated PCB can be displayed by moderate GPU, usually at 60fps.

Drawback of the flattening and triangulation is the time it takes, before passing the mesh to the GPU.

Trangulated Planes

Animation and Navigation

The rendering speed allows to animate the displayed components, creating unique impressions of rotation, movement, spreading and stripping layers of the PCB.

The approach lets you keep the frame of reference - it is clear where you are, what had happened to create a particular view.

Please see the video below, showing the navigation possibilities.

Please see the video below, showing the animated selection of layers.